Welcome Fellow Thinkers!

This is not a new blog; in fact, it’s been here for quite a while now but posting was a rare occurrence. Unfortunately I have always found myself consuming content (or debating over social media) rather than producing content. This has been a lifelong problem of mine. It’s easy to consume; much harder to produce things of value. So after deleting my social media, I’ve restarted this blog in attempt to overcome this vice.

Philosophy, after all, isn’t merely about thinking very hard; it’s also about living virtuously and wisely for God, yourself, and the good of others. However, what I loved about social media is being challenged by others. Good thinking and intellectual humility isn’t done alone but is acquired in a community of thinkers.

The goal of this blog then is to share my thoughts and converse with a community of thinkers from varying perspectives. I myself am a Christian philosopher with a broadly Thomistic perspective of the world – i.e, I consider myself a realist about many things, and I proudly defend common sense as correct on most things.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts, respond to articles / videos, review books, share links of interest, and converse with fellow thinkers.

Thanks for reading!

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