Can LGBTQ Supporters Be Saved?

Randal Rouser made an interesting video where he presents a dilemma for fundamentalists: “If belief in same-sex relationships suffice to no longer make one a Christian, then this either entails that support for monogamous same-sex relationships is worse than support for antebellum slavery or it entails that Christians who supported antebellum slavery were actually an entirely different religion.” Before I delve into my reply, let’s formulate the antecedent clause in that quote and make some distinctions:

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This is not a new blog; in fact, it’s been here for quite a while now but posting was a rare occurrence. Unfortunately I have always found myself consuming content (or debating over social media) rather than producing content. This has been a lifelong problem of mine. It’s easy to consume; much harder to produce things of value. So after deleting my social media, I’ve restarted this blog in attempt to overcome this vice.